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The centerpiece of the campaign, the Grand Duchy of New Newportton is an independent city-state on the Western coast of the continent where the Dragontail river flows into the sea. Beyond the city itself, the duchy includes a number of smaller towns and villages. Among these is the barony of Strohmburg, which includes the villages of Oak and Birch.

Near the borders of the Grand Duchy lies the homeland of the halflings, a small corner of fertile land they were at long last able to secure against “tallfolk” expansionism.

A nearby expanse of forest holds the kingdom of the wood elves. Of all the elves, they are the ones with the most direct contact with the Grand Duchy’s largely human population, and are the ones most people think of first upon hearling the word “elf”.

To the North lies Hrafnheim, amidst a number of smaller Norse clans who declined the unification offered by Thane Ulfgar Ragnarson and a larger population of orcs who remain distrustful of any alliance with humans.

In the mountains farther North is the kingdom of the grey elves.

Across the sea to the South, lies the City of the Jackal. A port city of comparable wealth and importance to New Newportton in their own part of the world, they are a valuable trading partner but are the focus of many disturbing rumors.

To the Southeast lies the collection of kingdoms known collectively as Araby. While it is hotter and drier than the Grand Duchy, and includes wide and treacherous deserts, much of the land is quite fertile and the cities large and wealthy, while the less hospitable regions are home to nomads long since adapted to them.

Beyond Araby is the land of Khem, and the empire of the high elves, centered on a fertile river valley in the midst of a vast and hostile desert. To the South is the mountainous land of Nubia, home of the drow. Technically a subject state of Khem, the drow have had little conflict with the other elves since the extermination of the cult of Lolth, and are treated as full citizens. Drow often serve as charioteers in the greater Khem armies.

Main Page

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